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Best Trekking Bags in India – 2021

best trekking bags in india

Last Updated on September 14, 2021 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

Trekking is an excellent sport that helps you get back in touch with nature while exploring the off-beat tracks. If you like to tread where the tourist traffic is low and get away from the usual hustle and bustle of things, then trekking is the perfect getaway for you. Trekking and hiking are one of the most rewarding experiences you can indulge in. With the vast unchartered territory trekking and hiking allows you to converse with the beautiful sights and the wildlife. trekking is undoubtedly the best way to find your way back to mother nature. All said and done trekking is also a very demanding experience. It has its rewards but the whole trip can go wrong in plenty of ways. To ensure that your experience remains well within the enjoyable and safety boundaries you must plan it properly and be equipped with suitable gear.

Your trekking gear especially the backpack you carry is the ultimate game-changer here. It makes the difference between a successful trek and a disastrous one. Gone are the days when you had to lug along with a heavy bag to carry the essentials. Now, you get the most minimalistic backpacks which are equipped with durability, comfort, and protection against the vagaries of nature. With all the choices that are available in the market today, it is very easy to get confused about the right backpack for your needs. This review and buying guide will navigate you through these choices and help you pick the best one that is most suitable for your requirements. So, read on and get the best backpack to help you trek successfully.

mufubu 55 litre rucksack review


  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waist and pocket belts
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Only available in one size

The Mufubu 55-Litre Rucksack is a great option for anybody looking for a spacious backpack that is durable and versatile in its usage. This backpack has a 55-liter capacity that can easily accommodate all your trekking gear as well as all the personal belongings that you might require. The straps are padded and broad for optimal comfort by distributing the weight evenly on your shoulders. It is also adjustable that helps you regularize the fit as per your preference to give you the best and most comfortable fitting.

The backpack has compartments in the front of the bag for easy access and convenient storage. The top of the bag has a cap closure which is an easy method and helps to keep your belongings secure. There is a separate shoe compartment as well at the bottom of the backpack that is spacious enough to accommodate any type of trekking shoes without any problems. Apart from this the backpack is waterproof and made of a polyester fabric that is treated for water resistance. Hence. You will have no trouble when you run into adverse weather during your trekking expedition. The polyester material also ensures greater durability and strength to the backpack.

The side of the backpack has mesh pockets for easily storing your water bottles, camera, mobile phones, and other things that might be needed for easy access. The backside of the backpack has a honeycomb padded structure that allows for good air ventilation. This ensures that you do not get sweaty and hot while carrying the backpack through the day.

Product Specifications

  • 55 liters storage capacity
  • Dimensions of 32 cm x 24 cm x 65 cm (L x B x H)
  • Weighs 300 grams
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps
  • Made with polyester fabric with outer and inner lining
  • Highly durable with extra strength
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Top cap zipper pocket
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Multipurpose use
tripole colonel 85 liters rucksack + detachable day pack review


  • Padded shoulder straps and adjustable waist belt make for comfortable weight distribution
  • Has a detachable 12-litre day pack
  • The bottom shoe section can be merged with the main section for extra space


  • Stitching is a not very durable

Tripole is a very popular brand when it comes to trekking and hiking gear. Their backpacks have gained huge popularity because of their durability and user convenience. The Tripole Colonel 85 litres Rucksack + Detachable Day Pack is a versatile backpack that doubles up as a convenient daypack when you are not on a hiking or trekking trail. This means that you do not have to stow away your trekking backpack on the shelf and invest in a daypack for other activities. You can use this backpack as your daily rucksack easily.

The backpack carries an 85-liter capacity with 12 liters detachable daypack option. This is great for carrying smaller items and snacks. This is also a great option for you to store your kid’s belongings in a separate bag. You also do not need to worry about the weather playing a spoilsport on your outing since this bag is made with polyester material and has both an inner and an outer lining. The surface material is water repellent and gives good protection against any water damage. Apart from this surface protection, the Triopole backpack comes with an added rain cover for the times when you find yourself in the middle of a downpour. So, you can be caught in a light shower or a deluge without having to worry about your things getting soaked through.

There is a separate compartment at the bottom of the backpack from the main part of the body. This bottom part is separated by a zipper and can be used as a convenient shoe storage section or a place where you can store all your dirty clothes and other things. It can be merged with the main section of the backpack as well for when you require extra space. The main material of construction is a heavy-duty polyester material that is high in durability and strength giving you the comfort that the backpack can survive through the rough use involved in trekking. The straps are padded and can be adjusted at your convenience. There is a waist belt for more even weight distribution. This backpack comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for damage caused in the course of regular use.

Product Specifications

  • 85 liter storage capacity
  • 12 liter detachable daypack
  • Shoe compartment at the bottom with zip closure
  • Weighs 2.4 kgs
  • Carries dimension of 34 cm x 24 cm x 85 cm
  • Has a detachable laptop sleeve
  • Outfitted with heavy-duty Vizlon zippers 
wildcraft 45 ltrs grey and orange rucksack review


  • Lightweight with shoulder height and depth adjusters
  • Abrasion-resistant material of high tensile strength
  • Multiple functional pockets for outdoor things


  • Does not come with a rain cover
  • There is no separate shoe compartment

Wildcraft is another extremely popular name in the trekking world. The brand is known for its quality and high durability amongst everything else. If you are looking for a backpack that will last you through the toughest of terrains and for a long time, then your best bet is the Wildcraft 45 Liters Grey and Orange Rucksack. This backpack will not only give you ample space to store all your trekking needs but will also ensure that you come away from your trek with all your belongings in one piece and are safe from nature’s vagaries.

It is made with nylon material that makes it lightweight to carry on your shoulders. While trekking you need to ensure that the base weight of the backpack is not too much since this only adds to the final weight. Hence, a light weighted backpack is always a better option. Further, the backpack comes with both shoulder height and depth adjusters. These adjusters ensure that you can properly for the backpack on your shoulders and go for a snug fit that will distribute the weight evenly on your body rather than focusing all the stress on just your upper back.

This backpack like all Wildcraft backpacks is ergonomically designed to suit the needs of a traveler. It is designed for long journeys and longer overhauls and keeps comfort on the forefront by evenly distributing the weight of the backpack throughout the back. It also comes equipped with several multi-functional pockets that can be used for storing all the little knick-knacks that you want at a moment’s notice. The nylon fabric it is constructed with is abrasion resistant and has a high tensile strength making it very suitable for the outdoors.

Product Specifications

  • 45 liter storage capacity
  • Carries dimension of 35.8 x 6.2 x 57.7 cm
  • Weighs 400 grams
  • Has a drawstring opening at the top
  • Water-resistant surface treated fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant and high tensile strength material
  • 2 zip compartments for easy segregation
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty 
mount track gear up rucksack hiking backpack 50 liters review


  • Zip closure at the top
  • Mesh padding in the back and on shoulder straps
  • Multi-functional with additional storage space


  • It is not water-resistant
  • Only has two sections in the main compartment

The Mount Track Gear up Rucksack Hiking Backpack 50 liters is a great companion for any travel especially trekking and hiking. This is a great multi-functional and versatile bag that will be a suitable companion in all your trekking adventures. It is a top-loading bag with a zip opening for extra security as well as ease of convenience. This is a much better option than the usual drawstring style openings since a zip is easily managed with little fumbling even when its raining and your fingers and wet and cold.

This backpack is made with highly durable material with great resistance to tears and abrasions. It is also lightweight and weighs under a kilo at 900 grams. The back panel and the shoulder straps have a full mesh padding for extra comfort while carrying the backpack. This will ensure that the backpack does not sink into your skin at the back, shoulders, or neck. Added to these padded straps and back is the waist belt that ensures that the backpack weight is evenly distributed over your back and not concentrated on your shoulders and neck.

You get a side bottle holder, sternum straps, and a functional zipper pocket on the waist belt as well for more space and added functionality. There is even an open view laptop compartment sleeve for easily removing and storing your laptop device. This sleeve is padded to ensure that your laptop stays safe during the hustle and bustle of the trek. Further, the backpack comes with a bottom shoe compartment which is a very essential section especially when it comes with trekking. You get a rain cover to protect the backpack from water during a shower as well.

Product Specifications

  • 50-liter storage capacity
  • Carries dimensions of 61 x 33 x 4 cm
  • Weighs 900 grams
  • Top opening zip closure
  • Sternum and waist straps
  • Functional pocket on the waist strap
  • Bottom shoe compartment
  • Padded open view laptop compartment
  • Carries 2-years warranty 
polestar hike camo 44 ltr rucksack review


  • Heavy duty with good durability
  • Versatile usage with convenient storage pockets
  • Extra-wide shoulder straps with mesh-lined back


  • Does not carry any warranty
  • There is no shoe compartment

If you are looking for a budget but without compromising on the basic quality and durability of the backpack, then you should look no further than the POLESTAR Hike Camo 44 Liter Rucksack with Rain Cover for Trekking Hiking Travel Backpack. This is a very user-friendly and versatile backpack that will serve you well in any sort of terrain and for both daytime and overnight treks. It comes in an attractive army camouflage print that makes the backpack a style statement while preserving its utility level.

The backpack has a 44-liter capacity that is enough to carry all your essential things and leaves room for extras as well like an extra pair of walking shoes or other things. There are little pockets and lids everywhere in the bag to store your little knick-knacks. The top opening backpack even has an extra function top lid with space under it for convenient storing of high-use things that need protection against the weather. The drawstring closure at the top helps you close and open the backpack without much trouble. It also allows for a snug fit to ensure that your possessions are safe and secure.  There are dual side mesh pockets to store your water bottles and even an umbrella if need be.

A lot of consideration has been given to the construction of the backpack. It comes with double stitching to ensure that the backpack does not tear open. Further, the material is a highly durable polyester blend that has been treated to repel water. The backpack sports an inner and outer lining which reinforces the durability of the product. The back and shoulder pads are padded for extra comfort. The back also features a mesh lining to ensure optimal ventilation. The shoulder pads are wider than other backpacks and that helps immensely in evenly distributing the weight and not having it concentrated in one zone.

Product Specifications

  • 44-liter storage capacity
  • Carries dimensions of 56 x 28 x 28 cm
  • Weighs 740 grams
  • Has a radium strip for night trekking
  • Water-resistant fabric with high durability
  • Has 4 compartments with one top zipper compartment
  • Extra-wide shoulder straps
  • Heavy-duty buckles and zips
  • Padded back with mesh lining for comfort 
f gear hunter 75 ltrs black rucksack review


  • Lumbar support plate on the back with padding for good weight distribution and management
  • Comes with a rain cover and shoe compartment
  • Highly abrasion-resistant fabric for low wear and tear


  • The stitches are only single stitches that cannot handle overload and come apart at the seams with heavy duress
  • Heavier than other backpacks of similar capacity

Another great option for your backpack needs during trekking is the F Gear Hunter 75 Litres Black Rucksack. It is a smart affordable option that will keep you good on your trekking adventures. The fabric quality is very good with high stress on durability. It is highly resistant to normal wear and tear which is a great feature to have in a backpack meant for trekking and is bound to face a high level of duress. Unfortunately, the stitching is a simple stitch that does not hold very well under heavy loads but then with a 75-liter capacity you will be hard-pressed to exceed the recommended weight load much less carry it through the trek.

The backpack has a good polyester inner and outer lining that repels water very well. It is also suitable for mild snow. For a heavy downpour, the backpack comes with a rain cover that provides more than adequate rain protection. Unlike some other backpacks you do not have to buy this rain cover separately, it is part of the deal with this one.

There is only one main compartment in the bag and it has a top opening with a drawstring type of closure. This is accompanied by a flap that is buckled in and has extra storage zip space. Apart from this, the backpack has two mesh side pockets for bottle storage and a bottom shoe compartment. This provides a convenient place to stack your shoes or dirty clothes and other things you want to keep separate from your main clothes and belongings. Further, the rucksack comes with a ladder locker that helps you adjust the height of the rucksack according to your preference. The shoulder straps are padded and there is a waist belt as well for good weight distribution and support.

Product Specifications

  • 75 liters storage capacity
  • Carries a dimension of 85 x 32 x 29 cm
  • Weighs 1.65 kgs
  • Single compartment with shoe partition
  • Has lumbar support padded back
  • Padded shoulder straps and waist belt
  • Top opening with drawstring closure
  • Comes with a rain cover 
trawoc 60 ltr trekking rucksack review


  • Ergonomically designed with waist belt
  • Has a laptop sleeve in the main section
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Does not have a separate shoe compartment

The Trawoc 60 Liter Trekking Rucksack Travel Bag Hiking Backpack is a spacious versatile rucksack that is especially suited for sports like trekking and hiking. To make the deal better this rucksack is also most suitable for any other use including camping and casual travelling. It has a 60-litre capacity that makes it most ideal for carrying your belongings without having to choose between the things you can carry and cannot. Apart from this the rucksack also has quite a few pockets that are neatly sowed into its design to give you room for all the other paraphernalia that you might need at a moment’s notice.

There is a conveniently placed laptop compartment in the bag with a padded back for the safety of your laptop. This comes in most handy since these days you need a laptop no matter where you go which includes a trek as well. The overall construction of the rucksack is very cleverly designed to give you the best durability and strength possible from the material. It is equipped with premium buckles to ensure that your straps stay in place and have good quality zippers to accompany them. The material is a water-resistant polyester-nylon blend that is also highly resistant to the kind of duress it will be exposed to during the trek.

The backpack also comes with tripod support to help you make the most memorable pictures of your trip. The back is padded with a mesh lining to encourage optimal ventilation. This ensures that your back does not get all hot and sweaty due to the continuous carrying of the backpack. There is wide belt support at the bottom of the backpack to support the weight of the rucksack on your hips. This is a better design than the conventional simple waist strap since it takes off the load from your shoulders and lower back. It comes with a 1-year warranty for damage other than normal wear and tear.

Product Specifications

  • 60 liter storage capacity
  • Carries dimensions of 75 x 33 x 27 cm
  • Weighs 900 grams
  • Has a top opening with drawstring closure and zip enclosed flap
  • Padded bottom for better durability
  • The waist belt and wide shoulder straps for uniform weight distribution
  • Made with PU coated polyester fabric
  • Waterproof material
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty 

Buying Guide for Best Trekking Bag

Backpacks are everywhere in the market. The trick is to get the best backpack for yourself that suits your purpose and carries you through the trek effortlessly. For this, you need to keep certain pointers in mind. This will ensure that you do not end up buying a backpack that is more of a burden than an addition to you on the trek. These pointers are listed below:

Storage Capacity

The size or the capacity of the backpack is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while backpack shopping. The basic question you need to ask yourself is how much capacity do you need in the backpack? Whether you want a relatively smaller backpack or if you will require a big backpack that is capable of carrying a lot of things.

The deciding factor for the capacity or the size of the backpack that you should be looking at is the trek duration and the trek location. You need to buy a backpack according to the number of days you will be on the trek and the place where you plan to trek. If you are planning on a long trek that will require overnight camping outdoors then you will need a relatively bigger backpack than if you are planning on just a day-long trek. Also, if you are planning on a trek in the nearby forest then a smaller backpack will suffice but if you are planning for a mountainous terrain then you will need a bigger backpack.

As a rule of thumb, for a single-day trek, a small 20 to 30 liter backpack is good enough. For a longer 2 to 3 days trek, you will require a 40 to 50 liter backpack. Similarly, for a 4 to 7 days trek in the plains, a 50 to 60 liter backpack is essential and the same trek in the mountains will need a 70-liter capacity at least.


Another point to consider is whether or not the backpack is waterproof. Even if you plan to trek in the summers with little to no rain forecast condition on the horizon, you should still buy a waterproof backpack. This is an essential element since you might just find yourself caught in a sudden downpour or the bottom of a puddle. The weather is mostly unpredictable especially in high altitudes and you can never be too sure about untoward circumstances. Hence, you should always be prepared for anything that might come your way and the best way of doing it is by getting a waterproof backpack. Even if you cannot get a 100% waterproof backpack you should at least get a semi-waterproof one.


You should take into account the dimension of the backpack before you buy it. Remember, you will be the one carrying the backpack on your back throughout the trek. Therefore, you should keep in mind the length and height of it. The best way to judge the appropriate size of the backpack is by comparing the backpack length to your torso length. This will allow you to judge whether or not you can carry the backpack.

A big backpack is not suitable for a short person will a small torso since it will jut out and come in between your hip bone and spinal joint. This will make it extremely uncomfortable for you to walk around with. The following table is a good reference point:

Torso Length (cm)

Backpack Size

Less than 15 cm

Extra small (XS)

15 to 17 cm

Small (S)

18 to 20 cm

Medium (M)

20 to 22 cm

Large (L)

More than 22 cm

Extra Large (XL)



You need to choose a backpack that is comfortable for you to carry along. You must get the right backpack that is not too heavy to lug around on your back. Keep in mind that the weight of the backpack is just the basic weight of the structure. This weight will increase to more than triple the original when you load the backpack with all your things. It is best to get a backpack that is lightweight and not too heavy, to begin with.

Comfort and Fit

All backpacks have an internal frame that helps keep the backpack rigid and gives you a good fit on your back. This internal frame needs to be flexible and not made of rigid materials like steel. Test a backpack by wearing it to ensure that the backpack does not bite into your shoulder frame. If the backpack does not rest comfortably between your shoulder blades or if it pokes your back in any fashion, then do not buy it. Only buy a backpack that is comfortable on your shoulders and spine.

Straps and Belt

Most backpacks come with adjustable padded shoulder straps. This makes the backpack easier to carry and ensures that the straps do not cut into your skin. The padding also helps to alleviate the discomfort felt while carrying the backpack. It is a must-have feature and you will thank the stars for getting a good padded should strap backpack when you are tired and struggling on the trek. Another thing that ensures good comfort is the belt at the end of the backpack that you tie around your waist. This relieves some weight from your shoulders and distributes it through your body giving you a better fit.


The material with which the backpack is made plays an important role in determining its durability. There is little point in buying a backpack that is not durable. You do not want to carry a backpack on your trek that tears in the middle of your trek and spills over your belongings on the trail. You want a backpack that can withstand the rough outdoors. In short, you should look for a thick material preferably made of a polyester blend that is capable of rough wear and tear sort of usage.

Reasons To Buy a Backpack for Trekking

When everything is said and done you might wonder at the wisdom of shelling out the extra dough to get equipped with a backpack that is suitable for your trekking purposes. You might be wondering you simply cannot just take your normal day backpack for trekking instead of buying a specific trekking backpack or rucksack. Well, some solid reasons will convince you of the need for a good backpack. Some of these are:

  • Backpacks are designed to be lightweight and are easier to carry because of their optimal construction.
  • Good backpacks come with various belts and adjustments to make them a more comfortable fit for you.
  • It helps in maintaining the natural balance of your body while carrying all the extra weight. This helps you keep up while trekking and does not allow for casual slip-ups while you are on a terrain.
  • Trekking backpacks are usually more spacious and have more storage capacity than normal backpacks. Most come in 45 liters and above capacity. This extra storage capacity enables you to take all your trekking requirements without having to leave something essential behind.
  • You get a lot of extra pockets and storage compartments that come in handy while on a trek to storage your little knock knacks.
  • These backpacks are more durable and have high tensile strength than regular backpacks. This is needed to ensure that the backpack can withstand the high duress of rough use it will be exposed to while in the great outdoors.
  • You get padded shoulder straps, back, and shoulder belts with a trekking backpack. This helps to evenly distribute the weight of the backpack on your body rather than concentrating it on one spot.
  • Many trekking backpacks have a separate shoe compartment. This is most helpful since it not only allows you to carry a second set of shoes but also allows you to segregate your things if needed.

Wrapping Up

Trekking is the best way to get out of the city. It helps you get back to your roots and is a perfect weekend getaway to the nearest forest, nature reserve, and mountain terrains. Nature is the best stress buster; it helps you get rid of all the daily pressures and resets you emotionally. Trekking is the best way of getting back into the countryside. But, given the unpredictable nature of this sport, you must be well prepared and have suitable trekking gear. You do not want to be caught in the middle of nowhere without your essentials. Hence, grab the best backpack to carry your things and head out for one of the best treks you can go on.

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