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Best Trekking Jackets in India – 2021

best trekking jacket india

Last Updated on September 14, 2021 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

Hiking is a widely popular outdoor activity. It is suitable for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors in the calm and quiet lap of nature. If you want to stay in touch with all nature has to give, then trekking and hiking are the two sports you must indulge in. Hiking not only de-stresses you but is an excellent form of physical activity. Climbing atop the mountains and hills, going off the trodden path to the rockier adventurous incline is a must-have experience that refreshes your mind and body alike.

The most important aspect of any hiking trip is proper hiking gear. This includes a good hiking jacket. If you are not equipped with a good hiking jacket, then the whole experience is bound to be more stressful than enjoyable. You need a jacket that will carry you through the weather and keep you warm regardless of rain, sleet, wind, or sun. The best hiking jacket for the mountains is one that keeps you comfortable during the sunny day, keeps the rain off your back when you hit the clouds, and keeps you warm through the night if you are camping out. Needless to say, there is no one size fits all sort of hiking jacket, but you do have plenty of options you can choose from. This review will list the best mountain hiking jackets that are available helping you narrow down your list to buy the best fit for yourself.

columbia men's down jacket review


  • Great at repelling water and stain
  • High insulation level
  • Made of superior polyester with Omni shield technology that dries faster and is more durable


  • It does not feature a hoodie to protect your head from rains
  • The uplifted collar and length of the jacket might be an issue for some people

The Columbia Men’s Down Jacket is the perfect accompaniment to your hiking in the rainy weather. This jacket is made of the best quality 100% polyester material with Omni shield technology that repels water 10 times more than the other standard fabrics. This means that you will not have any pesky streams of rainwater making their way inside your jacket. Apart from this the fabric also helps in drying the jacket faster than the others in the category.

The jacket is perfect to combat the chill that inevitably accompanies the rains. It features excellent thermal insulation with 150g of faux-down dynamic padding that keeps you warm and prevents any chill from setting in even in very cold temperatures. Further, the jacket is very lightweight and can be easily packed into a small corner of your backpack if you want. It comes loaded with a stain and water repellence technology that is suitable for extremely wet climatic conditions. The jacket is a zip-on jacket with smart front zip and high collars. It has a drawstring to make the fit snug and ensure that no water gets through.

You can count on the jacket to endure rough use and do not have to be shy about putting it under duress. The fabric is quite strong and does not tear easily making it highly durable. The best thing is that the jacket can be washed in the machine making it extremely convenient to keep clean.

Product Highlights

  • Both stain and water and repellent jacket
  • Insulated jacket with 150g of down padding
  • Drawcord adjustment for a snug fit
  • Omni-shield advanced water-repelling technology
  • Quick-dry jacket
  • Suitable for machine cleaning
  • Made from 100% polyester material
  • Front zip with high collar 
quechua x light men's down jacket review


  • Gives good insulation with down padding in the torso and back
  • Comes with a storage pouch for ease of storing and carrying
  • Machine washable


  • Takes a couple of days to dry out because of the down feathers
  • Has a stiff sort of fit which might be uncomfortable for some people
  • Not suitable for people with down feather allergies

Quechua is a very popular brand for sportswear. They are known for providing good quality products at a medium level pricing. The Quechua X-Light Men’s Down Jacket follows the brand trend in providing you a great jacket that delivers good warmth and great protection against the weather on your hiking expeditions. This jacket will give you reliable performance in tropical and cold conditions. It features a great thermal insulation cover that keeps you warm when the chill sets in and has high durability making it ideal for the hike during the cool to chilly weather.

This jacket is suitable for men and comes in various sizes so you can choose one that fits you best. It features down padding in the torso and the back which keeps the cold away from the main parts of your body and prevents heat from escaping. The jacket is made of wadding-filled inserts that comprise 70% of the jacket. The material used is 100% polyester with 75% duck down filling and 25% duck feather filling.

It has an adaptive technology that helps the jacket insulation to change as per the climate and temperature levels. This makes it very convenient in extreme conditions where you might feel the sun in turns and experience low pressure at times. The jacket also goes through a feather impermeability test to ensure that the stitches hold and the feathers do not escape the jacket.

Product Highlights

  • Thermally insulated jacket with down filling in the torso and back
  • Water repellent material
  • Features front zip and two zippered hand pockets on the side for convenience
  • Has a storage pouch for packing the jacket and storing it
  • Gives good warmth in chilly conditions
  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Available in different sizes ranging from XXS to XXL
  • Undergoes a strict feather impermeability test to prevent feathers from escaping
  • Available in black color with orange lining 
forclaz trek100 men's hooded mountain trekking down jacket review


  • Carries a two-year warranty
  • Has a chest pocket for more storage options
  • Surface treated outside material gives excellent water repellence


  • The hoodie is not detachable making it uncomfortable to wear when it is not raining or cold

If you are looking for a reliable hiking jacket for a long hiking trip then the Forclaz Trek100 Men’s Hooded Mountain Trekking Down Jacket by Decathlon is the perfect fit for you. It is an incredibly warm jacket that maintains body warmth with temperatures ranging between 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. Further, the jacket has a good water repellence feature along with a high durability clause. It has a very stylish look that is bound to appeal to all with black color and an attractive orange zipper.

You will not want storage space in this jacket which has an additional chest storage pocket for your little things keeping the hand pockets free for other uses. The jacket comes with an RDS certification and carries a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind. It is lightweight with a 600 CUIN fill power that gives you good insulation. The jacket only weighs 430 grams making it one of the lightest options in the market and has several water repellents layers to it. 

Product Highlights

  • 100% polyester with 100% polyamide lining and padding
  • Gives thermal insulation to preserve warmth between 0 to 10 degrees Celsius
  • Easy to decompress and store
  • Has a 660 CUIN fill for insulation
  • Weighs only 430 grams in the L size
  • Has two zippered hand pockets
  • Surface treated outer fabric for water repellent property
  • Stylish look with front zip and two side zippered pockets
  • Hoodie with a high zip for snug protection 
forclaz women's trekking jacket review


  • Good and stylish fit with drawstring base
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Good thermal insulation


  • The material starts to show folds and creases with washing
  • Not suitable for extreme weather

The Forclaz Women’s Mountain Trekking Jacket is an excellent bet for women who are keen to go mountain hiking during the cold season. It is lightweight making it easy to carry and wear. The jacket is also very durable and can easily withstand the rough nature of hiking trips. You do not have to worry about tears on the fabric of it getting shoddy after a few wears.

Special care has been taken to craft this Forclaz Women’s jacket with the best quality material. It is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic making it suitable for sensitive skin. The jacket is also breathable to ensure that your body temperature remains well regulated and there is no suffocation or unnecessary sweating. The outer fabric is 100% polyester and surface treated to repel water efficiently. This makes it ideal for the rainy seasons as well.

Like the other Forclaz jackets, this one also comes with a 2-year warranty. It is specially designed to fold away neatly into the left pocket so you do not have to worry about storing it conveniently in the bag. Further, the jacket is available in two attractive colors of navy blue and grey making it suitable for all preferences whether you like it dark or light.

Product Highlights

  • Lightly padded jacket with polyamide canvas
  • Highly durable 100% polyester material
  • Polyester wadding for good thermal insulation
  • Snug fit with a drawcord at the jacket base
  • High collar design with no hood
  • Available in grey or navy-blue color
  • Eco-friendly design with low carbon dioxide impact
  • Compact design which folds into the left pocket
  • Surface treated outer fabric to repel water efficiently
  • Different sizes are available from XS to XXL
  • Machine washable 
forest club solid's mens jacket review


  • A reversible jacket makes it a versatile style option
  • Removable zippered hood for better convenience
  • Machine washable and has a multipurpose use


  • It is not waterproof or windproof

If you want a versatile jacket that can be used for purposes other than mountain hiking then this jacket from the Forest Club Solid is just the thing for you. It is a reversible jacket with pockets on both sides. This means that you get the look and style of two jackets in one. You can choose which color you want to sport and wear it accordingly with no problems. Even the pockets are available on both sides, unlike other reversible jackets.

Other than this, the jacket is made of polyester and nylon blend material. It is not surface treated to repel water and is not waterproof but the jacket has a degree of water repellence property to it. Hence you will not get soaking wet in a drizzle but apart from that, it is better to have an alternative for the rain. The hood is detachable and can easily be rolled into the collar making it ideal for the summers and spring seasons. This also makes it very convenient to wear throughout the year.

You get a choice of four colors in this jacket and the available sizes range from M to 4XL. The fabric is skin-friendly and suitable for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies. Further, the jacket is also breathable and won’t trap the body heat inside. There are Velcro adjustments on the wrist for a snug fit as well.

Product Highlights

      • Polyester and nylon blend multipurpose jacket
      • Lightweight with just 500grams
      • Easily stored in the backpack or carried
      • Detachable hood that can be rolled into the collar
      • Velcro adjustment at the wrist and the end of the jacket
      • Reversible design with pockets on both sides
      • Water-resistant fabric but not waterproof
      • Available in 4 color choices

Types of Trekking Jackets

Hiking jackets can be categorized into four broad categories. These are based on their characteristics like insulation level, rain repellence, fitting, and compactness. These are:

Down Jacket

If you are keen on mountain hiking during the winter season then you want a jacket that is good at keeping the winter chill at bay. Down jackets are perfect for this type of weather. They are extremely warm jackets suitable for combating the extreme winter cold. Apart from being warm down jackets are also very lightweight and durable. The material makes it a tad bit pricier, and you have to be careful with the washing instructions to maintain the texture and the warmth of the jacket.

Fleece Jacket

Fleece jackets are an absolute must-have if you are planning on a summer hike. These jackets are extremely lightweight and compact making them very comfortable for the mountain hike when you do not require a very warm jacket to keep the cold at bay. These classic jackets are ideal for light to moderate summer air nip. They are not waterproof and do not keep the wind off your back but these are not required for the mild summer climate. Fleece jackets are meant for mild weather when you want to enjoy the hike comfortably in a non-extreme sort of weather.

Softshell Jacket

Softshell jackets are a cross between fleece jackets and waterproof jackets. They provide you a layer of warmth with the durability and low maintenance of a fleece jacket along with a water-resistant layer that is adequate for the drizzle or soft shower of the non-monsoon times. These jackets are very comfortable and light with a soft texture that makes them a great addition to your hikes.

Waterproof Jacket

Hiking during monsoon season can be a very dreadful thing if you do not have adequate protection against the beating rains. There is nothing worse than having to carry on when you are drenched to the core. A good waterproof jacket ensures that your hiking trip during the rainy weather is only made of good and unforgettable memories and not marred by unpleasant memories of being soaked through and chattering with cold. These jackets come in all sizes and types. Some even have a fleece layer on the inside for added insulation.

Things to Keep in Mind While Jacket Shopping

It is very common to hit the stores and end up buying things on an impulse. However, these impulsive bouts almost always result in regrets later on. Hence, to avoid any disappointment and to ensure that you have the best hiking jacket that is most suitable for your needs you should take care of a few things and keep certain important points in mind.

These pointers will help you buy the most appropriate jacket for your hiking trip:


Consider the climate you want the hiking jacket for. If you are looking for a monsoon hike then you should opt for a waterproof jacket with a windcheater element. If the temperature is expected to drop and you are intending to hike during early mornings or at night then it is better to opt for a hiking jacket that is both waterproof and has an insulated inner lining to keep you warm.

Main Jacket Use

Decide on whether you want a single-purpose jacket meant for a typical climate or you want an all-purpose sort of hiking jacket. It is better to opt for a multipurpose use jacket if you are not an avid hiker that hikes just once or twice a year. In this situation, an all-purpose jacket will suit you better since you will be able to wear it for daily use as well. So, bear in mind the reason for buying the jacket especially since most good hiking jackets come at a premium price.


Hiking is an arduous task that is physically straining. You need to keep your gear at the minimum weight while hiking since you will have to pull that extra weight as well as your body weight during the hike. Hence, you need to take into account the weight of the jacket you shortlist. Remember you might want to remove the jacket during the hike and carry it in your backpack or tie it around your waist. For this purpose, a lightweight jacket works best rather than a cumbersome weighty one.


Another factor to consider is the material and design of the jacket that you are considering. Simply because it is a hiking jacket does not mean that you have to compromise on your fashion sensibilities. There are plenty of jackets that look stylish while giving you the required protection against climate. Go for one that provides a slim and snug fit with a good design catering to all the points like an upturned collar, front zip, zippered pockets, etc.


Most hiking jackets are made of polyester material. If you want a waterproof jacket then you should consider a 100% polyester material jacket. On the other hand, if you are looking for a hiking trip in dry weather then you can opt for a more comfortable blend of polyester. Also consider the breathability of the material, especially for the sunny climate. This will prevent you from getting too hot and ensure you do not feel suffocated on your hike. For waterproof jackets, the outer fabric must be treated for repelling water.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance of the jacket is something you need to keep in mind while making your decision. Some hiking jackets are machine washable, and some are only dry clean. It is better to get one that can be washed and cleaned in the machine rather than one that needs to be professionally taken care of. This reduces the hassle of keeping your jacket clean, particularly while you are in the great outdoors.

Bottom Line

Hiking is a fun experience. It is a great way to get back in touch with nature and break away from the usual city hustle. Apart from being exciting hiking is also a great way of getting out of a sedentary lifestyle and requires you to have a level of physical fitness. Mountain hiking is a very popular sport and can be quite enjoyable when properly planned. The first step towards that is getting your hands on the proper hiking gear. With the right kind of jacket, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your hiking expedition in all sorts of weather. So, get your hands on one of the top jackets listed here and plan your hiking trip without any worries.

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