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Best Trekking Pants in India – 2021

best trekking pants in india

Last Updated on September 14, 2021 by Ashwini G

Quick Overview

Trekking is a very exciting outdoor activity that requires physical exertion and a degree of perseverance. It is easy to give up in the middle of a trek especially if you are not equipped with the right kind of trekking gear. Since trekking requires you to stay outdoors you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Since trek pants make up an essential part of your trekking gear you should try to buy a pair that suits your purpose completely.

Unfortunately buying trek pants can be a daunting experience with so many choices that are available in the market. Each brand markets a different style, design, material, and other factors of trek pants that make it very confusing to buy them. Since they are not your everyday wear daily track pants you cannot just walk into a store and buy one that suits your fancy. Otherwise, you will end up in the middle of your trek with pants that cling to you, are not breathable, do not stretch, and are extremely uncomfortable to walk in. This article will help you avoid this situation by listing the top trek pants in the market and the factors you need to keep in consideration while going trek pant shopping. 

quechua forclaz 100 men's convertible walking trousers review


  • Convertible trekking pants with zipping at the knee
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Made of ripstop microfabric for high durability


  • No Velcro adjustment

The FORCLAZ Men’s Mountain Trekking Modular Trousers is one of the best trek pants you will find in the market. This trek pant is made of 100% polyamide material with ripstop fabric that makes it highly durable and tear resistant. It is a lightweight pant that weighs just 370 grams in the XL size making it extremely comfortable to trek in. Further, the trek pants use of synthetic fiber means that it is highly breathable. Hence, you will not feel suffocated or sweat highly in these on your trail.

The fit of the pants is great with an elasticated waist for ease and convenience. The pants are convertible into shorts with zipping at the knee level. With this, you can easily remove the lower half of the trail that gets too hot and sweaty. Further, these trek pants are machine washable, so you do not have to worry about keeping them clean.

Product Highlights

  • Convertible zip trek pants cum shorts
  • Elasticated waist for a comfortable fit
  • Made of 100% polyamide material
  • Has 4 pockets with two side pockets and 2 thigh pockets
  • Lightweight and compressible material
  • Available in all sizes from S to XXL
  • Machine washable 
quechua mh150 men's modulable mountain hiking trousers review


  • Lightweight and quick-drying
  • Zippered thigh pockets for extra storage space
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • It is not waterproof

The Quechua MH150 Men’s Modulable Mountain Hiking Trousers is another great option for trek pants. These are suitable for hiking in high altitudes as well as for a more pleasant summer hike. They are convertible pants with zipping at the knee for a more versatile option. You can, hence, change them into trek shorts when the temperature soars or keep them long when you feel the chill.

The pants are made of polyamide material with synthetic lining making them durable and lightweight. They weigh only 260 g for an L size and are easily compressible for carrying in your backpack. Further, the trek pants are available in all sizes and come with a 2-year warranty.

Product Highlights

  • Convertible trek pants with zipping at the knee
  • Lightweight with only 260 grams for L size
  • Made of 100% polyamide material
  • Easily compressible for storage
  • Machine washable
  • Polyester and synthetic lining
  • Features zip thigh pockets along with regular pockets at the side
  • Machine washable
  • 2-year warranty 
forclaz women's trek 500 convertible mountain trekking trousers review


  • Durable fabric on areas exposed to high friction
  • Good stretchability for high comfort
  • Convertible to shorts with thigh zip


  • Does not have thigh pockets

The FORCLAZ Women’s Trek 500 Convertible Mountain Trekking Trousers is one of the very few good trekking pants options for women in the market. These are designed keeping in mind the roughness and duress involved in the trekking trail. The pants are made of polyamide material and are high on the stretchability feature. You will have no trouble jumping, squatting, or lunging with these trek pants on.

Further, the trek pants are designed with a slim fit in mind so you do not have to compromise on your fashion sensibilities while out and about in the great outdoors. These pants are also made with high breathability in mind for a comfortable trek and are quick drying so you won’t be wet for long. However, they are not surface coated to repel water so it is a good idea to carry protection against water if you anticipate heavy rains.

Product Highlights

  • Convertible trek pants for women in blue color
  • Carries two regular pockets at the side with zipping
  • Made of polyamide material with synthetic lining
  • Lightweight and quick-drying
  • Highly stretchable and does not cling to the skin
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty 

Choosing a Good Trek Pant

A good trek pant makes all the difference when it comes to trekking. These pants do not clothe you but also act as a barrier between you and the climate you are trekking in. A good trek pant ranks high in both comfort and protection. Balancing these two elements is the key to finding the best trek pant. Some pointers that you should consider while choosing trekking pants are as follows:


It is very important to look at the material of the trek pant you are planning to buy. It is the material that defines the comfort level of the trek pant. The wrong material will make you sweat and cling to you making it very uncomfortable for you on the trek. For this purpose, it is best to stick with trek pants that are made with the “Polyamide” material.

Polyamide is a material that is made from a blend of fiber with polyester or elastane in proportion. This blend gives the trek pant elasticity and makes it extremely stretchable. 100% polyester material is also a good material for trek pants if you are looking for regular trek pants with no stretch to them. Both polyester and polyamide make for excellent materials in trek pants because of their durability, ease of cleaning, quick-drying, and stretch. Check the label on your trek pant to see the material composition of the pant.


Trekking is an outdoor physical activity that requires you to carry your backpack. For this purpose, you need trekking gear that is lightweight and does not weigh you down unnecessarily. The wrong kind of trekking pants will not only weigh you down but also make you feel burdened and uncomfortable. Remember even a few grans extra will make you slow down like a snail after a few hours into the trek.

For this purpose, you need to find trek pants that are light and easy. Your pants should not weigh more than 150 to 200 grams at most. This is a very low figure and half of what your regular pants weigh. The difference in weight can be attributed to the material of the trek pants. Hence, you must choose polyamides over any other material.


Simply because trek pants serve a purpose and are meant to be convenient pieces of trekking clothes does not mean that they cannot be fashionable or stylish as well. Trek pants are supposed to make you comfortable above everything but they can do so stylishly. Look for a smart pair of trek pants that has a slim fit to give you that smart look and make your outdoor cover ready.


Trek pants are meant to protect you against the weather. They are meant for rough use and should be able to hold up against the duress that comes with trekking. You do not want trek pant that bursts at the seam with a little jump or squat. These things are bound to happen with trekking. Hence, ensure that the trek pant you buy is of good material and have a good construction. Check the seams for double stitching and look at the cut and stretch of the material to ensure that you have good durability.

Fit and Comfort

The main objective of trek pants is to be comfortable. Remember you will have to wear your trek pants for a long time since you will not be able to change out of them during your trek. Hence, you need a trekking pant that fits you well and is comfortable enough to be worn for a good duration. You should wear the pants to try the fit before you purchase them. Try jumping, lunging, and doing some squats with the trek pants on to get a good idea of the fit and stretch of the pants. This will help you make the right choice.

Quick Dry Feature

Weather can be quite unpredictable especially in the high altitudes. Even if you are headed for a summer trek you could encounter a sudden summer rain. Apart from this, you might also come across certain streams and trickles of water to cross. Not to mention the mud, sludge, and other wet patches you will have to tackle. All in all, it is a safe bet that you have a high chance of getting wet during your trek. While you do not have to look for waterproof trek pants it does not hurt to buy one that has a quick-dry feature. This way you will not have to wear wet pants for long. Look for trek pants that are surface treated for high water repellence to make the most of your trek.

Ease of Cleaning

Treks are messy. You cannot get out of the dirt when on a trek. Think about the dusty trail, grass banks, dirty off-beat roads, sitting around on the bare grass. All this inevitably translates to dirty trek pants. You cannot do a trek in material like cotton without having to chuck it in the dustbin after. A good trek pant made of polyamide or polyester material is easy to clean. You just have to splash water on the dirt and you are good to go. You can also look for specific stain-resistant and dirt-resistant fabrics to help you stay clean on the trek and not look like a ragged doll.


The most comfortable trek pants are those that breathe easy. You have to wear your trek pants for longer durations and if your pants do not allow for good ventilation you will end up sticky and sweaty with all the physical exertion. Add to this the fact that you probably won’t take a shower while on the trek trail and you have a classic recipe for stinky sweaty pants.

To avoid this, you must look for pants that have a high breathability feature. Cotton works best in this regard but cotton is a bad choice for trek pants. The next best thing for you is polyamide. Steer clear of waterproof trek pants at all costs. These are bulky and make you sweat with no ventilation. Even during a monsoon trek, you must only pull up waterproof pants over your regular trek pants during the rain and stash them away at other times in your backpack.


Some fine details will come in handy in trekking pants while you are on your trek trail. One thing you should not compromise on is zipped pockets. You will be keeping your high-use things like mobile phones, headphones, cameras, dry snacks, etc. in your pockets for convenience. If the trek pants do not have deep zip pockets, then these things will not easily fit and tumble out while you are walking. Hence, you should check the trek pants for their pockets. It is even better to get pants that have additional side pockets on the knee level apart from the usual pockets. This gives you extra space to carry things.

Difference Between Track Pants and Trek Pants

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking track pants are the same as trek pants. These people almost always regret their choice in the idle of the trek trail. While there is not too much of a variance between the two pants, it is enough to make a remarkable difference in your comfort level. Some reasons why you should make the effort of buying good trek pants rather than slumming it with your regular track pants are:

  • Track pants are not meant for dirty trails with no washing machines to keep them clean.
  • Track pants do not dry quickly which will keep you wet for a longer time on the trail
  • They lose their shape easily making for an ill fit
  • They are cumbersome and bulky to store or carry
  • You cannot use them for layering
  • They do not protect you against wind or water

Trekking in Jeans

While it might seem like a great idea to trek in your jeans it is not a very practical choice. Jeans are great for daily use and regular wear because of their versatility but they do not make for good trekking companions. Jeans and trek are a disaster waiting to happen.

The jeans are bulky and not very water friendly. Typically, jeans weigh about 750 grams to 1 kg when dry. This increases to a whopping 3 kgs when it is wet. They tend to soak water and triple in their weight. Jeans will keep you wet for a long time on the trek. Jeans also have low elasticity and stretch level making them extremely uncomfortable to walk around in for long hours.

Wrapping Up

Trekking is great fun. There is nothing more exhilarating than walking in the rough terrain at one with nature. The experience of trekking is second to none, but this experience needs the proper gear to become a pleasant one. Without the right kind of clothes, you will start regretting your trekking at the minimum or end up with health problems at the worst. To avoid these unpleasant scenarios, you must buy the proper trekking clothes starting with a pair of good trekking pants.

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