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Sports Shoes Buying Guide

A lot of people assume that sports shoes are reserved only for athletes, and that speed walking in...


Running Shoes

Last Updated on October 21, 2020 by Ashwini G

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A running shoe is different from that of a walking shoe. A runner should not run in a walking shoe and vice-versa. Most walking shoes are stiff and do not provide the required flexibility for running. Running shoes feature several functions that manufacturers work on to keep them updated with the latest technology and materials.

In short, running shoes protect the feet of the runner from pounding against the ground while running. They also provide more support and cushioning necessary for comfortable and efficient running. Therefore, exploring the various types of running shoes along with the features of each one of them is necessary for ensuring the best outcome.

However, it is not easy to decide which shoe fits your purpose in the best manner. For this, we have provided detailed insight into the types and features of all kinds of running shoes to make your purpose of grabbing the right one successful.

Types Of Running Shoes

  • Stability Shoes – Suitable for runners exhibiting mild to moderate overpronation. Contain a firm post for reinforcing the arch side of the midsole.
  • Neutral Shoes – Appropriate for mild pronators but works best for people who supinate. It offers adequate medial support with shock absorption technology.
  • Motion Control Shoes – Suitable for runners with mild to severe overpronation. Equipped with stiffer heels designed to counter overpronation.
  • Minimalist Shoes – Extremely lightweight construction with negligible arch support. Encourage natural running motion while offering flex and cushioning.
  • Barefoot Shoes – Feature zero drop from heel to toe encouraging a forefoot or midfoot strike. Most of them have no cushion in the heel pad or a very thin layer of padding between the skin and the ground.

Different Categories Of Running Shoes

Running shoes can be categorized into different sections based on their purpose of use. They can be categorized into –

  • Trail-Running Shoes – designed to run on rocky surfaces, and routes with mud, and other obstacles. It offers solid traction with proper support, underfoot protection, and stability.
  • Cross Training Shoes – designed exclusively for Crossfit workouts and gyms or any activity requiring a balancing of the body.
  • Road-running shoes – designed for running on packed surfaces with minor irregularities. Light and flexible with proper cushioning for striding on hard surfaces.

Essential Features Of Running Shoes

  • Adequate cushioning for protecting the foot from hitting the ground hard.
  • Built-up heel to provide runners with the required stability.
  • Flared heels for extra stability to runners striking the ground at their forefoot or midfoot.
  • Flexibility for bending according to the shape of the runner’s foot.
  • Shanks to stiffen the midsole and provide protection to the heel and arch.
  • Synthetic leather uppers to make the product durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Breathable uppers to wick off moisture while keeping the feet dry while running.
  • TPU overlays positioned over the breathable panels for durability and stability.

Factors Influencing The Lifespan Of A Running Shoe

  • Weight of the runner
  • Running surface
  • Running technique
  • Shoe size
  • Age of the shoe
  • Material from which it is made
  • Running shoe model

More information on running shoes and reviews are contained within the article links posted below. Explore them at your own pace to achieve the fitness goals that you have set yourself.

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Sports Shoes Buying Guide

A lot of people assume that sports shoes are reserved only for athletes, and that speed walking in...

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